$10K Bounty Bonus and $10K Dual Daub
November 27, 2020 Gold Coast Bingo Room

$10K Bounty Bonus and $10K Dual Daub

Friday, November 27
November 27, 2020 Gold Coast Bingo Room $10,000 will go!

Hit the Dual Daub in posted number or less and win BOTH the Bounty Bonus and the Dual DAUB Progressive.

We will play until the Bounty Bonus Is Won! Promotion starts at the 11:00am session and will continue through to the 11:00pm session if needed.

If the Dual Daub is not hit in 35 numbers or less by the 9pm session, numbers will be called at the 11pm session until a winner is found and the Bounty Bonus of $10,000 will be paid.


The Dual Daub game will be played as game 8 with the jackpot still in play at its current winning number. The Dual Daub bonus promotion will be played in conjunction with the Dual Daub game, with a guarantee of $10,000 being paid out at the end of the promotion. Once the bonus portion of $10,000 is won the promotion will be over. If a bingo occurs on the posted normal jackpot number player will receive both jackpots. If $10,000 Jackpot is not won before the 9pm session on Friday, November 27th, 2020 we will play until a winner is found during the 11:00pm session. All payouts are aggregate. There will be a 4pack minimum to play electronics during these sessions. Maximum of 50 $1 & $2 Dual Daub cards in electronics.