$10K Bounty Bonus and $10K Dual Daub
January 22, 2021 Gold Coast Bingo Room

$10K Bounty Bonus and $10K Dual Daub

Friday, January 22, 2021
January 22, 2021 Gold Coast Bingo Room $10,000 will go!

Hit the Dual Daub in posted number or less and win BOTH the Bounty Bonus and the Dual DAUB Progressive.

Promotion starts at the 11:00am session and will continue through to the 11:00pm session if needed.

If the Dual Daub is not hit in 35 numbers or less by the 9:00pm session, numbers will be called at the 11:00pm session until a winner is found and the Bounty Bonus of $10,000 will be paid.

We will play until the Bounty Bonus Is Won! 


The Dual Daub game will be played as game 8 with the jackpot still in play at its current winning number. The Dual Daub bonus promotion will be played in conjunction with the Dual Daub game, with a guarantee of $10,000 being paid out at the end of the promotion. Once the bonus portion of $10,000 is won the promotion will be over. If a bingo occurs on the posted normal jackpot number player will receive both jackpots. If $10,000 Jackpot is not won before the 9:00pm session on Friday, January 22, 2021 we will play until a winner is found during the 11:00pm session. All payouts are aggregate. There will be a 4pack minimum to play electronics during these sessions. Maximum of 50 $1 & $2 Dual Daub cards in electronics.